Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 11 - Wrap Up Day in Tel Aviv

We woke up at the Dan Gardens in Ashkelon after a much needed good night's sleep having been so tired from the hike and early morning the day before. We began the morning with our final conversation and each member of Bus 979 shared one thing they will take home with them and one thing of themselves they will leave behind. Many memories, experiences and trip reflections were shared. Many said they will take home a new found discovery of Israel and their Jewishness and leave behind their preconceived notions about being Jewish and of Israel. All were encourage to pay the Taglit-Birthright Israel trip opportunity forward and find at least two people they can encourage to apply for the next trip window on Feb. 15. A thought was shared with the group that says, "a tourist is someone who goes to a place and passes through it and a pilgrim is someone who goes to a place and lets the place pass through them". It was the hope that each and every participant found something that touched them that they will carry with them forever.

After our discussion we loaded the bus one last time and departed to visit the moshav of our tour educator Raz. Later we will travel to Jaffo and Tel Aviv. More to follow.

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