Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mifgash (Encounter) Reflection

For the pat five days we have were joined by eight outstanding Israelis who opened up themselves to experiences Israel together with Bus 979. The poured their hearts and souls into the experience and opened our eyes to seeing Israel in new and different ways. We too opened their eyes to the amazing story we share together as a Jewish people and one large Jewish family. It was bitter sweet yesterday late afternoon when we said L'hitraot (until we meet again) and they departed back to their bases. They and we have been forever transformed after having shared the experience with together. This is their reflection.

Tiberias station, 9 am
Sitting on the bus waiting for them.
Half an hour speech the day before
Suddenly Moti opened the door
8 strange people, intimidating and loud
Suddenly became part of our crowd.

Nir, Almog, Tomer, Maya and Galit
Shmid, Ariella and Dan joined Taglit
In uniforms with big bags they arrived
To get to know them we all strived

From Tiberias to Tzfat the bus did go
On the way our Israelis we got to know.
Where they are from in the army, what they like to do
We believed them when they said “we’re just like you”

From Tzfat to Jerusalem, with wine tasting on the way
Seems like we sat on the bus all day
At the entrance to Jerusalem we all did dance
All excited we got a chance
To see Jerusalem in all its glory
We have eight body guards! No need to worry!

Sitting in the lobby, crashing on the couch
Before Shmid arrived we didn’t know Raz was a grouch
Playing cards for hours, sitting at the bar
Seems like we’re having fun so far

Yad Vashem on Friday, lunch at the mall,
It seems like the rain will just continue to fall
Yoga on Shabbat (after all it is a day of rest)
Talking for hours, getting to know each other best
Bar and Bat Mitzvas, excitement in the air
“Never have I ever” and “Truth or Dare”.

Skits from the Israelis, and conversations filled with passion
Who knew that Shabbat had its own code of fashion
Havdallah (Twice), and Ben Yehuda Street
With the Israeli dancing we could not compete
Back to the hotel for our new friends last night
The deep conversations reaching a new height

Har Hertzel Sunday morning, then The Old City
Look everyone! Another kitty!
We reached the Kotel, Went to touch the wall
When we regroup iron numbers we did call
“I am forty seven” got everyone to laugh
It even raised a chuckle from the staff
Five thirty came, time for our new friends to depart
although they will always have a place in our heart
Thank you for an amazing trip, we had a great time!

Sababa y’all,
Nir, Almog, Tomer, Dan, Ariella, Maya, Galit and Shmid

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