Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 3 - Mifgash & Tzfat

We began day 3 excited and refreshed after a good nights sleep having been given and extra hour to sleep. After embarking for the day we drove to Tiberias where we picked up new members of our group, seven Israeli soldiers (and anxiously awaiting our eighth member to join us later today) who will be with our group for the next five days. This mifgash (encounter) is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our Israeli peers and have a first hand exchange about Jewish life and Israeli culture. Next we depart for the ancient mystical city of Tzfat where we will walk through the old city streets, visit the synagogues, visit with a local glass blowing artist and participate in a tzedek project with L'vnot U'lehibanot and take time for lunch on our own.

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